Parent Involvement Plan

South-Western City School District

Title I School Building Parental Involvement Plan

School – Galloway Ridge Intermediate

School Year - 2016-2017


  • The parents and community shall be notified of the school plan via the GRI website.Also, an email will be sent home at the beginning of each school year, and the plan will be posted on our web site. Parents and community are encouraged to contact the building or SWCS District Service Center with comments and suggestions.
  • The Title I School Building Parental Involvement Plan will be updated at least yearly using feedback from surveys each spring as well as face to face meetings with advisory groups. Data will be analyzed and revisions will be suggested. Consensus on whether to implement suggestions will be made by the Parent Involvement Committee, a Parent Advisory Group and/or the PTA. The Parent Involvement Plan and/or The School Wide/School Improvement Plan could be updated from this data. Budgeted funds from Parental Involvement allocations of Title 1 dollars can be used to support improvement efforts.

Galloway Ridge Intermediate shall:

  • Convene an annual Title I meeting to explain the requirements and the rights of the parents to be involved. This information will be shared at Open Houses in August.
  • Offer a flexible schedule of meetings (e.g. mornings and evenings)
  • Work to improve the learning process for students by working with parents and the community to improve parenting, communication, volunteering, learning at home, and decision making.
  • Provide all parents with a copy of a “Compact” which outlines how parents, teachers, other school staff, and students will share the responsibilities for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state standards. This Compact is in each student’s agenda book.

Communication between Teachers and Parents shall occur regarding:

A. Parenting

  • The monthly newsletter will contain tips for parents.
  • Learning indicators and ways to assist students at home will be shared with all parents quarterly. These letters are sent with report cards.
  • Directions for Youth can work with students on social issues such as anger management, depression, etc. and offer helpful suggestions to parents.
  • The social skills’ training that is done at school is also shared with parents via the newsletter to reinforce with students at home.
  • Students of the 9 weeks will be recognized at our Cool Cats Assemblies where students’ with appropriate behavior are also recognized. Parents of these students will be invited to attend.
  • An attendance intervention program through the ESC educates parents on the importance of school attendance and helps problem solve attendance issues.
  • Conferences are held with parents when a student receives 10 academic lunchesin a grading period to discuss ways the parent can help the student at home.
  • All parents who do not already have a copy will receive a copy of Upper Elementary Parent Guidebook by Linda O’Brian at Family Fun Night (Title 1 Night) or parent teacher conferences.
  • 3 honor roll breakfasts will be held throughout the year. Parents of qualifying students will be invited, and student achievement information will be shared.
  • Galloway Ridge Intermediate, Norton Middle and Pleasant View Middle schools will offer parent seminars on current topics of interest this year.

B. Communication

  • Agenda Books contain school/classroom expectations as well as a place for teachers to document daily any “steps” earned on our school-wide discipline plan. Cool Cats for the day are noted as well. Students also record their homework each day.
  • Parents receive suggestions for summer learning activities with the final report card and/or newsletter.
  • The monthly newsletter contains information regarding important events at the school.
  • All students receive interim reports each grading period, not just those who are failing.
  • Three nights of conferences are held each year.
  • Newsletters and parent information sheets are translated into Spanish.
  • 4th graders visit the school in May and receive a letter for their parents with transition information.
  • An end-of-the-year assembly to which parents are invited recognizes students for a variety of achievements and service to the school.
  • Parents can use the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus to check their student’s grades, missing work and attendance.
  • Infinite Campus Messenger is used to send reminder or emergency communication calls/e-mails to parents.

C. Volunteering

  • Parent volunteers supply snacks for students each day prior to OAA tests.
  • Parents volunteer to chaperone the 5th and 6th grade field trips each year, if funds are available.
  • Parents volunteer to run activity stations at Field Day.
  • Parents provide a 6th Grade Celebration pizza lunch on the last day of school each year.
  • Parents monitor hallways during OAA testing.

D. Learning at Home

  • Galloway Ridge hosts a Family Night, this year on October 9. Classroom reading and math activities are shared as well as information specific to each student’s day with his/her team of teachers. Ways to assist with learning at home are also discussed. An incentive is provided to students whose parents attend.
  • The team approach and looping has given teachers a better opportunity to know parents. In turn parents understand expectations, procedures, and standards.
  • Student Council sponsors an honor roll breakfast 3 times a year to which parents are also invited. Reading and math information is shared and distributed for helping students to continue to achieve at high levels.
  • In May the school holds the “Double Scoop” Ice Cream Event. This is a chance for parents to observe and celebrate academic work on display.
  • Literacy and math coaches write articles on how parents can assist student learning for the monthly newsletters.

E. Decision-Making

  • A Parent Advisory Committee (The PTA Executive Board) meets each monthand is asked for feedback and suggestions about how to improve.
  • Parent surveys guide changes in school procedures and activities.
  • Students are surveyed about the culture/climate of the building

F. Collaborating with the Community

  • The principal is a member of the Westland Area Business Association (WABA).
  • The school has a partnership with Directions for Youth. A social worker is working with students who struggle academically or with behavior issues.
  • Service Club and/or Student Council each hold an annual canned food drive for the Westland Area Food Bank.
  • Service Club sings Christmas carols at a local retirement community.
  • Our Service club sponsors Pennies for Patients each year.
  • Students participate in Hoops for Heart in physical education each year.

If parents are dissatisfied with the school-wide plan, the school can submit any parent comments on the plan when the school makes the plan available to the district.

This Title I Building Parental Involvement Plan has been developed jointly with, and agreed on with parents of children participating in Title I, Part A programs, as evidenced by the attached list of signatures.

This plan was adopted by Galloway Ridge Intermediate School on September 9, 2014. Galloway Ridge will distribute this policy to all parents of students at our school.

Spanish Version of the Parent Involvement Plan